Jan. 14th, 2008

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Test today
I got a 67% on the practice test
I hate math so much.
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So, the test wasn't too bad. Or didn't seem like it. Hurr. We'll see what I got on it and then we'll talk about good or bad.

Killing time now until we go back to class to learn more. Hurr. I already at my lunch. I eat fast, okay? D:

Signed up for my classes next semster. Geography, Stastistics for the Social Sciences, and Water Aerobics. I'd love to fit in an English class, but I suppose I'm going to have my plate filled enough with a Science and a Math class. I should focus on those and focus on transfering, I guess. Still D: Film as Dramatic Literature and Creative Writing both call to me, as do some of the other English classes. Though those two especially stick out since they're taught by Professor Hallinger, who I've had for two classes already and absolutely adore. DO WANT TO LEARN MORE FROM HER.

Almost a year ago, I was preparing to leave to England. Has it seriously been that long already. Time flies. Seriously. Or something. I don't know.

Gotta update my UC applications. Laaaazy. Even though it'll take about ten minutes or so to do.

I've been bad lately at getting alot of my logs done with people. I blame massive amounts of math and the fact that I can't stay up as late for that one. Srsly.

Okay. Time to run off, use the bathroom and chat with people before class starts again. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wtf. :| I have no idea why I am hyper. I just am.


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