Jan. 21st, 2008

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D: When did I develop a healthy sleep schedule? What the hell?

Anyways, I bought an iPhone yesterday +_+ My old phone seriously needed some replacing...and I just couldn't resist. And since my iPod (will I still be using for my main music holder as it's 80 gig and the iPhone only 8) is iKenren, my iPhone is iGojyo. If you know Saiyuki and Saiyuki Gaiden, you will know how much of a dork I am for that.

And, my grandma wants to take me someplace for my 21st birthday, since my Spring Break starts on it. Except we'll probably leave the next day, because I'd like to spend my 21st Birthday with my friends, if I could. My first choice of places to go for this is New York. But if that's too expensive, we might do something closer like Las Vegas instead. We shall see.

Ugh. Some fanfiction summaries seriously just bring me pain. D: DID YOU EVEN SEE BLEACH? SERIOUSLY.

Time to work on my massive amounts of math :x

Someone shoot me now. PLZ
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These are mostly stories I've told [livejournal.com profile] yasuyoshi about, and have finally dug up so I could link them to her. :3 They are still all as yummy as I remember.

by Scribblemoose
This is the one where Gojyo and Hakkai "pretend" to date. She writes a wonderful manipulative Hakkai *^*

A Different Rhythm
by Helena Handbasket
A fairly realistic get together fic for them. Gojyo sleeps around to get Hakkai's attention. Hakkai misses the point. A fight ensues. And then they make up. The sequel, Ground Rules, should be read as well, if nothing else for the scene where Sanzo tells them to fuck it out of their systems. Comedic gold.

by Helena Handbasket
Gojyo makes Hakkai go out and cardshark with him.


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