Feb. 14th, 2008

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Someone did a FandomSecret about not understanding why her friends were upset that Heath Ledger died, and that he was a shitty actor.
Someone died, just because you only liked Brokeback Mountain doesn't mean your friends don't have the right to be sad. People can be so goddamn insensitive. A person died and whether you liked them or not, they were important to people. And that's what matters. Who are you to judge over who someone mourns or not. Lawlz. Cause you know FS is such serious business. I usually try not to complain about crap like this, but it really ticked me off.

Bed now.
Final in the morning.
Aretha Franklin in the evening.
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So, the final wasn't too bad. Though, let's see what I say when I get the results. Hurr. Me and math? Not on such great terms.

Needed to kill time so I went into Old Town and saw Micheal Clayton and then went to a few stores. I finally got a ring for my nose piercing. It looks awesome. Pics later. I also picked up a few books from Barnes And Noble because I am weak. But in my defense, only one was for me. The other is a gift.

So now I'm waiting for my grandma at her office so we can get dinner and then go see Aretha Franklin in concert. Needless to say, I won't be on for rp stuff until later tonight. But I don't have to go into work until the afternoon, so I can stay up +_+;


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