Jul. 7th, 2008

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You know, I think if it weren't for talking to a couple of select people, tonight would have been utter fail. More for real life reasons really. GASPU. Not everything is rp related.

Think I'm going to drop a few characters though. I just can't keep up many right now, and muses are dying, and at this point, fuck if it breaks someone else's character, you know? If I'm not feeling it, I'm not feeling it. It ain't my business to keep someone around to make other people happy. I just have to keep myself happy. Selfish, but whatever. RP is a game. If I'm not having fun, then why bother, right?

Specifically though, probably Rin and Nisei. Rin I've just been having more and more trouble with lately, and I've been really just meh about playing her in general. I've been trying to keep her around to not break Hatsuharu, and I mean, I feel bad, but what can you do, right? If a muse flees, they flee. I feel like lately, my grasp on her is bad, and I'd rather not play another character I love badly, you know?

And then Nisei...well, with everything else is going on, I'm not sure how comfortable I feel playing a villain, but you know, I think I may hold onto him a little longer. I mean, I really love playing him, but I have a hard time getting him active. Because everyone seems to magically know he's a sadistic sociopath even though he doesn't act like one 90% of the time. But apparently, he converts oxygen into evil. WHO KNEW?

And wow, this entry is bitchy, but whatever, I guess I've felt pretty bitchy about things. I really wonder if I should look for another game to play in sometimes, but I also wonder if it's even worth the effort.


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