Jul. 16th, 2008

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I think my biggest problem is that I just don't let things go.

I hold to everything. Grudges, anger, hurt, any little slight, rather it be real or imagined.

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So, apparently if I see their van next time, I should just run out and not bother to pee, because that two minute period is enough of a timespan to let them leave.

So I called up my case manager, and she was just like "Well, you should of been out there", like I made them wait a huge amount of time, and not like two minutes. And then kept asking if I could get another ride. No, sorry, most people I know work, and I don't drive. Your fucking vans are the only way I can get there on time. And then she kept telling me I should know when they come. And if they ever showed up consistently, and at the same time, maybe I would. But you know, yesterday they showed up at 9:45 and today they showed up at 9:05, and they've been as early as 8:40 before. It's fucking ridiculous.

You know, a program that's supposed to be helping me shouldn't be causing me more stress.

And I love how almost everyone I fucking talk to acts like it's my goddamn fault. I didn't come most of last week because they kept showing up on the wrong fucking days. But apparently, that couldn't be anyone else's fault. Not at all.

So they rescheduled me for tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes.

Why do I even bother fucking waking up?


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