Aug. 3rd, 2008

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It's interesting, to say the least, to think of people I used to be close to, even as short of a time as a year ago, who I am no longer close to.

And now the people who I've grown closer to then I would have ever imagined. Especially one particular person. I never really would have expected how much I think about them now, even when I'm away, doing other things. I get literally excited when I see their names unidle. My days feel almost incomplete if I don't at least get to say hi to them. It's a little scary, but king of exciting, and I think it's just one of those things I'll have to ride out, for now.

I guess it's the passage of time, people drift apart and together, and collide and all sort of things, and you can't control most of it. All you can do, really, is just go along for the ride and see where it takes you.

Time for sleep attempt number two~ Busy day for tomorrow~
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I love long talks about how hard I was to raise because of how different I was. Sorry I'm not like my cousins or sisters. Sorry I'd rather spend my money on books and movies then clothes and five hundred dollar purses. Sorry I like to dork out for hours over comic books and theater. I'm sorry I don't want to date and do all the other "typical" girl stuff. Sorry Baba, didn't mean to be such an overall goddamn disappointment.

And it had started out as such a nice day too.

Only another month and a few weeks here. That's just what I have to keep reminding myself of.


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