Aug. 21st, 2008

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One Final Down, One To Go

I don't think I've ever finished a final as quickly as I just did my Theater final. I wonder if this is good or not, I guess we'll see. Most of the answers came to me pretty quickly though, so I should be fine.

Now to brush up on information on Andy Warhol for the extra credit section of my Art History final~

Ugh, three hours to kill until then. People who have my number, seriously, feel free to call or text.

And on a completely random note, I actually fell asleep at a decent time last night. Yes, I see 2 am as a decent time. What of it?

Also, before school, my grandma and I went out to breakfast and I had the most amazing biscuits and gravy. So tasty *^*

That is all.

Edit: I lied. I also feel compelled to let people know I've started playing Tales of Symphonia. I'm enjoying it, but I think I need to level more before trying to explore those ruins again. I keep dying in there ;_;
For now.
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It amazes me sometimes, how much can be said in just actions. The Blower's Daughter and School Night is an interesting combination for the music, but it works.

Half hour until my second final. I think I'm ready. Here's hoping.

Wait...One more video, because the routine they did to Coin Operated Boy is amazing too. ♥


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