Sep. 4th, 2008

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Things actually feel...less nervous. I dunno, the talk I had with my uncle about things was reassuring. I really do kind of believe things will sort themselves out. It looks like it'll work out, and I think at this point, I kind of have to believe they will. Won't do me any good to freak out and make myself sick over it. Even if I am a worrier by nature.

Need to do laundry today for serious. I need stuff I can take with me on Sunday~ Pretty excited. I liked Seattle, the little I saw of it in May. Suu, Suu, when can I see you while I'm there?

For now? I attempt to sleep again. Hurr. My schedule is so fucked up. I think it's been over a week since I've fallen asleep before sunrise. So special.

And...I feel very lucky, for the people I have close to me. It becomes more and more clear to me how many people care for me. How did I ever think I was alone? I wonder. In moments like this, such clarity, it feels like the wool has been taken from my eyes.
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So they got in all my transcripts. There are six spots for exceptions, and only four applicants (myself included) that they have to look through. So it sounds like it's probably going to work out. I'll get a final answer tomorrow. It'll be nice to know what's going to happen, one way or another.

And, I'm also actually doing laundry. SHOCKINGU.


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