Sep. 25th, 2008

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So called tech support and got things up and running again. I like how the guy I got was stereotypically Indian :| And could barely understand what I said. And vice versa. All I can think of are Foamy's tech support videos. Srsly. It still doesn't work with the wireless router for some weird reason, but whatever. The cord is long enough to reach my bed anyways.

My teacher never showed up for class today. It was super lame :| They didn't even email us or anything, I just checked my school email. Which means I could of slept in. I am not pleased.

Picked up A Doll's House so I can read it before auditions next week. Already halfway through it. I had seen a PBS production of it before back in high school, so I kind of already knew the gist of it, but it's nice to have a production with strong female characters and all of that. In the winter they're doing Romeo and Juliet though. God, words cannot describe how I hate that play. It's well written mind you, but I want to stab them both in the eye for being retarded.

Also went to the counseling center and talked a little to the oncall therapist, and I'm going to meet with her again next week for recommendations and such. Better to try to take care of things now then to let them get worse again.

No weekend plans. Maybe I'll try to explore more of Riverside. Might see if the theater nearby has Choke playing. Wouldn't mind going to see that. If nothing else I can finish up A Doll's House and Diary. And maybe finally scan in that doujin like I've been meaning to.

But for now? Debate a nap, download more Heroes, maybe eat something, who knows. Might see if Scott wants to check out that LAN party thing later. We shall see if I feel up to any more social tonight. Staying in and watching the premiere of My Name Is Earl and The Office does sound rather tempting.

Still have some things I should probably actually approach and talk about but meh, I'll focus on that later. Or something.

Also. For the record? Monster Assault + Orange Juice + Rum = Delicious. I blame this discovery on Kate. Totally her fault.


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