Sep. 29th, 2008

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I really, really, really can't stand feeling so bitter and petty.

I really want to take a walk and try to clear my head but it's too late and not safe so the desire will go unfufilled.

I should try to sleep, but I don't want to spend another hour rolling around.

Not much else to say except that I love and care for all of you so much. I don't know if I always show it or not, but really, I want to be there for everyone as much as I can. If you ever need anyone to talk to about anything, I always want to try my best. I really do that mean that. I worry about everyone so much. You all really are very special to me and it would make me very sad if something happened to any of you. And I just wanted to make sure that's clear with everyone, especially you, because I know alot of people are going through some rough times right now.


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First class went well enough, I suppose.
Can't complain, and the teacher seems fun.
I need to have a monologue memorized by Wendesday though. Orz D:

Stuff and things and look, I can be vague too. Really though, nothing exciting or new here.

Gonna try to find a play to take the monologue from, then maybe naop in the commons until my next class. Since it's not until 4:10. We'll see what happens. So tired though. I rolled around in bed trying to sleep in intervals until I finally passed out some time after 5. And I was up by 8:45. Joy.

Days like these I really miss the connection I had with religion at some point. It really would be nice to have something, even just a small thing, to believe in. Some kind of comfort. I dunno.

Hurrr. My chest hurts and it's either anxiety or heartburn. I always have a hard time telling. Exciting.

Somneday my entries will be linear and make sense. Someday.


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