Oct. 1st, 2008

desertions: (I'm So Tired I Can't Sleep)
Fuck you too insomnia

I need to be up by nine so I can give a monologue in class.

This? It does not boad well.


I think I was able to manage about two hours of random fits of sleep before I gave up and got ready. Between being restless and the sharp stomach pain? Yeah, I wasn't getting anything better.

Fuck you too, body.
desertions: (I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE)
Aha, I totally sucked up my monologue in class today. Go me.

In other news, I saw someone like triple ugly today and it made me think of Sonia and her hatred of ugly things. Seriously. Couldn't even tell if it was male or female but either way? Should not of been wearing that godaweful floral dress and they could not rock a mohawk.

Sooo tired. But I need to finish up my other homework here, and then find the finacial aid office. If there's time, maybe I can sneak in a nap before the next class too. We'll see, we'll see.

I wish I knew what was up with my sleeping. Falling asleep is always hard, but usually once I'm asleep, I stay that way. The past week? Constant waking up and tossing and turning. I do not approve.

I guess I'll mention that when I go back to the counseling center on Friday. Can't hurt, right?

Now to just come up with an idea for my film production assignment.

And I'm sorry if I've been short or overly emotional/sensitive/retarded with people. Stress has been high and I've been trying to adjust to things and it's proving to be harder than I thought. Bear with me, okay?


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