Oct. 14th, 2008

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It's funny how a small conversation can be comforting. I guess even just that's a start towards things getting better. It was hard, but I'm glad I did. It's like a weight's been relieved from my chest. I guess it is true what they say, better out than in. I should try to remember that more often.

Seeing the new theraphist tomorrow. A little nervous, but it should be okay.

About halfway through the first season of Code Geass. I'm enjoying it alot, even if I do kind of want to punch C.C. in the face constantly. I want to see Gino though :< But apparently, he doesn't really show up until R2. I blame Naa-chan for all that fanart of him. Luring me to the dark side.

Thinking back, spending all that money I had saved up for those plane tickets probably wasn't wise, but I can't get myself to feel bad about it, somehow.

Bed soon, I think.
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What the fucking hell.

So I bought a four pack of yougurt drinks about a week ago for when my tummy is too sensitive to eat solid food. I drank one. one And now there's none left. Which means one (or several) of my fucking roomates had them without even having the decency to fucking ask me. They knew they didn't buy it. Do I have to resort to putting my name on my shit? Serioulsy, for the love of fucking god, what am I supposed to eat now?

Not to mention they keep using my dishes and silverware without even washing them properly, despite me talking to them about it.

Maybe I will take a small nap before I have to leave after all, since eating seems to be out of the question.

Fucking bullshit.
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Fuck fuck fuck.

I napped too long and missed the bus I needed to catch to get to the other bus for theraphy.

And that second one only runs once an hour.


And my roomate who drives isn't home

So I broke down and called a taxi.



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