Oct. 20th, 2008

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As much as I'd like to help all my friends and everyone else, I do realize there's only so much I can do with my own two hands. Gotta take care of me in the process, because who else is going to? I don't know, maybe it's selfish, but more and more I wonder whether I really want to be the one trying to take care of people. Or maybe I'm just feeling callous tonight. After last night, I guess it makes sense.

In other news, it always seems weird seeing Dr. Drew on MTV and stuff. Considering the doctor I see at home works at his office. And my grandma works with him. Hurr. Small world and all that.

Apparently my sister is going to pick me up and drive me to the party on Friday. Not so sure how I feel about this. It's always awkward, spending extended time with her. I don't know what to say. So I usually just sit there awkwardly, relieved when I can get out of her stinky car. I can talk to her boyfriend better than I can talk to her, how sad is that?

On the plus side, my cousin Danica is finally leaving her batshit crazy husband. He hit her, and apparently that was the straw that broke the camel's back, and she's going to file for divorce. Part of me is skeptical she'll really go through with it, but I hope she does. That situation was nothing but horrible for her. Sean was nothing but a using guy, not to mention a total creep. He tried to hit on me the one time I spent time alone with him, and drove me out to where he does drug deals. Not cool.

Should try to sleep. Classes tomorrow and all that jazz.
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People who haven't even bothered to register to vote piss me off.
It's our future that's at stake.
The economy, education, civil rights, the war, there are so many issues at hand, how can you not care?
I'm sorry, but people who don't vote? Give up the right to complain. Ever.
Because really, complacency isn't going to help anyone.
And I think that's the problem. America has a whole has become too complacent. We get it in our head that we can't change things, but we can. We just have to band together and make sure our voices are heard.

And I could really get on my soap box and rant about this until the cows come home, but I'll spare you all that. I just...I don't get how you can't care. How you can think this stuff doesn't effect you.


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