Oct. 21st, 2008

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You know, I watch the Disney channel alot, and yet all I ever see is the same five minute episode of As The Bell Rings. I never see them show any one other than when the girl get's a B and goes goth. Weird.
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Saw the new therapist again today. I really like her. She gave me some good relaxation techniques to try to help with my sleeping.

She also thinks the diagnosis of me being bipolar is wrong. She says what I describe seems more like Major Depression with General Anxiety. I'm kind of inclined to agree. I've never thought bipolar was a good fit for me. And mood stabilizers did horrible things to me. But I know if I tell my grandma about it at all, she'll say Laura doesn't know what she's talking about. Because anyone who's opinion differs from hers must be wrong.

Classes are going well. I like my acting class alot. I think we're going to do more improv tomorrow. And then Thursday, in Set Design, we're going to start making our model theaters. It's so nice to be finally taking classes I actually enjoy.

And then I also got a call from Suu today. It was really nice just chatting with her for a while, seemed like it's been a while.

Tiiired. But I want to resist the urge to nap so I can go to bed early.

Today was decent enough. Last night was bad but I'm trying not to dwell. No one wants to hear me whine about the same shit over and over again.


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