desertions: (I still need you but I don't want you no)
Katiepants ([personal profile] desertions) wrote2008-12-07 10:43 pm

And More Than That It's All So Right, It's All So Right

The dinner party thing was more fun than I expected.
Watching Kevin freak Scott out by fake hitting on him? Endlessly lulzy to me.

And, and the food was delicious too. Ham *^* Honeybaked Ham, to be exact. They had leftovers and made me a packet to take with me. A packet of ham. It was awesome.

I felt so grown up at first, being at a dinner with place settings and assigned seating, but then we were all talking about dogsex, and somehow, I felt more comfortable. Don't ask.

Still, overall, I had a good time, and for once, I was really glad I went out and was social. I was sad I had to leave earlier, but the stomach pain got really unbearable. And I didn't want them to think it was from their food :< So I lied and said I needed to study.

Maybe I'll try to get to know that group and hang out with them more next quarter. Maybe, maybe.