desertions: (Left me deaft with perfect vision)
Katiepants ([personal profile] desertions) wrote2008-12-10 11:37 pm

One More Hit Of The Glow! Go Get Cut~

Today was good.

Acting final went well, finals are done.

I went and saw Repo! The Genetic Opera and it was amazingly awesome. Seriously? If you have the chance to see it, do so. Rock opera about repo men who reposses organs bought on credit? Very yes. Paris Hilton is actually enjoyable in this movie (albeit, she plays a rich heiress addicted to surgery and drugs, so...yeah). Sarah Brightman was amazing as Blind Mag, but she's a pretty awesome singer, so it should be expected, I suppose I will be so buying it on DVD. I kind of want to go see it again, maybe later at night, when they're actually be more of an audience to enjoy it with.

And then I very impromptuly joined a protest down to city hall for the appeal of Prop 8. I've never done any sort of march or anything before, it felt very...patriotic, standing up for what I believe in.

I made friends with one of the girls at the protest and we hung out for a while afterward. She introduced me to this tiny bookstore where I finally found The Story of O which I've been wanting to read forever, but not for the reasons you'd think. I think Iris and I are going to try to hang out more when I come back from Christmas Break.

My uncle is picking me up on Friday, which means tomorrow? I try to clean up the apartment so I don't leave it so trashed.

Now to finish up the newest episode of Pushing Dasies, and then bed. I've been up since like 8 am D: And active most of the day too!