desertions: (Who stole the cookies from the cookie ja)
Katiepants ([personal profile] desertions) wrote2008-12-16 04:12 pm

You Get What You Deserve You Better Spend It Well

I was supposed to be helping with the Pumpkin Bread baking today, but I got hit with a massive headache with a side of wrist pain, so after a couple of hours I climbed back in bed and said fuck it, I don't need the money that bad. The sleep though. She did nossing. My head still hurts like hell.

Last night's episode of Heroes was pretty good. Made me laugh more than it was supposed to, I think. Totally felt like one of the Saw movies or something. I really can't wait for next volume, hoping it's a little more consistent than this one was. I won't know until after the Super Bowl though. Laaaame. I really do hope I get the first two seasons (or enough gift cards to get them) for Christmas. I'd love to see some of the untold stories stuff they had planned for Season 2.

Supposed to be having a night out with my Uncle Matt tomorrow, but I haven't heard from him yet, so nothing is certain. We'll see how that goes.