desertions: (Do You Know Where My Spark Is?)
Katiepants ([personal profile] desertions) wrote2008-12-17 11:20 pm

Sometimes Took For Granted, Sometimes Turned Away

I'm so tired of my family treating me like some sort of invalid just because I haven't learned to drive yet.
I wish I could explain the panic I feel every time I'm behind the wheel in a way that made sense to them. That I could make them realize that even thinking about it causes my chest to tighten and hurt. I know I need to learn, but with school I don't really have time, and it would add more stress than it's worth to me. I get around just fine with the bus. Plus, the bus is cheaper, and better for the environment. So is it really such a problem?

In other news? I saw both Bolt and Milk today. Bolt is really cute. And Milk? Guh. Loved, loved, loved that movie. Sean Penn ♥ And James Franco ♥ Not to mention, Harvey Milk is one of my favorite political figures ever.

And the Twinkie defense? Seriously? Wtf.