desertions: (Things You See In A Graveyard)
Katiepants ([personal profile] desertions) wrote2008-12-20 08:14 pm

The Most Dashing Pantie Stashing

Jesus Christ Superstar was amazing. fewfgr Such a good performance. The stage, costumes, lighting and acting, it was all put together so well. Ted Neeley was defininetly getting too old to play Jesus though. It made the scenes between him and Mary Magdalene seem pedoriffic :| And our Judas. GUH GUH GUH. His voice was so fucking awesome, I had to buy his cd afterwards, I might of died without it. Seriously guys you don't even know

James Delisco. Check his stuff out seriously.

And he was so nice when he signed my cd *^*

Now to continue getting my stuff together. Suu time tonight. And Kelsey. And Little Tokyo tomorrow. So much happy.

Also. The more I listen to the Repo! The Genetic soundtrack, the more I realize Shilo and The Repo man are like a more fucked up version of Claire and HRG. Hurr.

Edit: Suu's flight was canceled D: STUPID SNOW