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I'm so tired of my family treating me like some sort of invalid just because I haven't learned to drive yet.
I wish I could explain the panic I feel every time I'm behind the wheel in a way that made sense to them. That I could make them realize that even thinking about it causes my chest to tighten and hurt. I know I need to learn, but with school I don't really have time, and it would add more stress than it's worth to me. I get around just fine with the bus. Plus, the bus is cheaper, and better for the environment. So is it really such a problem?

In other news? I saw both Bolt and Milk today. Bolt is really cute. And Milk? Guh. Loved, loved, loved that movie. Sean Penn ♥ And James Franco ♥ Not to mention, Harvey Milk is one of my favorite political figures ever.

And the Twinkie defense? Seriously? Wtf.
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So headache + pain meds + insomonia = more fooling around with WMM. I need to find a better movie editor thing. I do think I'm getting better at this though. Perhaps. This is a little softer view on the couple than the last one.

Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Elle
Song: Milk by Garbage

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I was supposed to be helping with the Pumpkin Bread baking today, but I got hit with a massive headache with a side of wrist pain, so after a couple of hours I climbed back in bed and said fuck it, I don't need the money that bad. The sleep though. She did nossing. My head still hurts like hell.

Last night's episode of Heroes was pretty good. Made me laugh more than it was supposed to, I think. Totally felt like one of the Saw movies or something. I really can't wait for next volume, hoping it's a little more consistent than this one was. I won't know until after the Super Bowl though. Laaaame. I really do hope I get the first two seasons (or enough gift cards to get them) for Christmas. I'd love to see some of the untold stories stuff they had planned for Season 2.

Supposed to be having a night out with my Uncle Matt tomorrow, but I haven't heard from him yet, so nothing is certain. We'll see how that goes.
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+_+ So, with the help of Windows Movie Maker, boredom, and an idea that wouldn't go away, I made my first fan video today.

The editing could still use some work, but I'm rather proud of myself. Take a look, if you'd like.

Series: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Elle
Song: MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday

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Oh god, Uterus, why you hate?
I could barely sleep last night, so much pain.
I think I might have to take that last vicodin I have.
Pain is so bad. Not fair.
A bath sounds good too.

Kind of mopey and sad and overthinky, but that tends to be the case the first few days of my period.
Fuck you, hormones.
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Give me a character from any fandom or original work of mine, and I will talk about what he or she or it is like in bed.
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Oh god, I hate my uterus so bad. I swear, the first day of my period is always made of fail.

Today has been filled with pain, lots of painkillers, and passing out from the combination of the two.

Also, in a more TMI area of things, so far the only things missing from my room are the half bottle of vodka I left and my vibrator. This amuses the hell out of me.

qrwfdew OWWW OWW OWWW. I think round two of Advil and my prescription strength Alieve is in order.
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Same fucking bullshit as fucking always.
Come home and all my shit is different and there's stuff in the room that isn't mine, and stuff of mine that's missing. My closet, my books, my dvds, everything is out of order. My pictures are all in different places now.

We talk several times a week and she didn't even fucking bother to warn me.

See, bullshit like this is why I haven't come home more, Baba.
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The hallowed lands so far behind
As fleeting dreams still linger

Like distant voices through the rain
Like grains of sand cast from my hands

I never thought I'd go this far
Without a star to cross the seas
So far from shores I'd left behind
Still far from shores I've yet to reach

I try to find the strength I need
To calm the doubts in my beliefs
With the will, I know my heart won't break

And if I have strength then I've belief
If I have love my heart still beats
Here under stars
Far from home

The picture fades, the light recedes
The sound is lost in whispers
My recollections once clear and pure
Now distant lights that dim with time

I never thought I'd go this far
Without a star to cross the seas
So far from shores I'd left behind
Still far from shores I've yet to reach
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Today was good.

Acting final went well, finals are done.

I went and saw Repo! The Genetic Opera and it was amazingly awesome. Seriously? If you have the chance to see it, do so. Rock opera about repo men who reposses organs bought on credit? Very yes. Paris Hilton is actually enjoyable in this movie (albeit, she plays a rich heiress addicted to surgery and drugs, so...yeah). Sarah Brightman was amazing as Blind Mag, but she's a pretty awesome singer, so it should be expected, I suppose I will be so buying it on DVD. I kind of want to go see it again, maybe later at night, when they're actually be more of an audience to enjoy it with.

And then I very impromptuly joined a protest down to city hall for the appeal of Prop 8. I've never done any sort of march or anything before, it felt very...patriotic, standing up for what I believe in.

I made friends with one of the girls at the protest and we hung out for a while afterward. She introduced me to this tiny bookstore where I finally found The Story of O which I've been wanting to read forever, but not for the reasons you'd think. I think Iris and I are going to try to hang out more when I come back from Christmas Break.

My uncle is picking me up on Friday, which means tomorrow? I try to clean up the apartment so I don't leave it so trashed.

Now to finish up the newest episode of Pushing Dasies, and then bed. I've been up since like 8 am D: And active most of the day too!
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Cut For Spoilers From The Newest Episode of Heroes And Emotional Talk. )
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History of Theater final? Conquered on last Wendesday
Set Design final? Just sent the email
Acting final? About to meet with my group. Lines mostly memorized. Performance on Wendesday.

I can do this /o/ \o\

Then I get a couple of days to myself before I go home for break. Wee~ This quarter went fast
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The dinner party thing was more fun than I expected.
Watching Kevin freak Scott out by fake hitting on him? Endlessly lulzy to me.

And, and the food was delicious too. Ham *^* Honeybaked Ham, to be exact. They had leftovers and made me a packet to take with me. A packet of ham. It was awesome.

I felt so grown up at first, being at a dinner with place settings and assigned seating, but then we were all talking about dogsex, and somehow, I felt more comfortable. Don't ask.

Still, overall, I had a good time, and for once, I was really glad I went out and was social. I was sad I had to leave earlier, but the stomach pain got really unbearable. And I didn't want them to think it was from their food :< So I lied and said I needed to study.

Maybe I'll try to get to know that group and hang out with them more next quarter. Maybe, maybe.
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Yeah, I got nothing :|
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Being social is tiring

So Notorious is my new guilty pleasure, and not just because it has Zachary Quinto as a flamboyant gay man.

The anime club holiday party went well enough. Tokyo Godfathers was an awesome movie to watch, and in the gift exchange, I got the first of the Phoenix Wright manga, something I had meant to buy anyways.

Tomorrow, I work on memorizing lines.

But for right now? I nap because I feel exhausted despite sleeping in for the first time all week.
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...I like how I nearly had a panic attack because I couldn't find my anti axiety pills (Ativan)

That's a healthy dependence :|

Naptime now.
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