Aug. 11th, 2008

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It's...interesting when someone actually picks up on something you've been trying to hide.
But it can kinda be comforting, in a way.
Now I just figure out what to do about this thing.

I conquered my paper though, in unreleated news.
Poor Van Gogh, such an interesting but sad life he lived.

Been listening to alot of Tegan and Sara the past few days...makes me very...reflective. Not sure if that's good or not.

But for now, I suppose I should try to turn the brain switch off and sleep.
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Ugh, tired but my body refuses to nap in the library today.

The sandwich I got at Quizno's however was delicious.

Turning in my paper for Art History today \o/ And in theater we got assigned our groups. Hurr, I can tell I'll probably dislike working with mine already. After all, when I suggested doing Hamlet for their project, they all whined about Shakespeare being too hard to read. God, I hate group projects. Trying not to get too negative about it though. Key word though is trying.

And then...there's my general indeciveness and indesicion about things. I wonder if I haven't screwed things up so far. I wish I wasn't so...something, I don't know what. I guess scared would be the best term even though it's still not quite right. I just wish I could let go. Things that happened in the past aren't nessisarily going to happen now.

At least last night's dreams didn't make me as thinky as the night before, there's that to be grateful for. Also, an energy drink and two sodas in the later evening? Makes sleeping much harder. Hurr.

Wow...this post is all over. I don't...yeah, my brain is just...yeah. Did I mention I was tired? Pretty sure I did.

Guess I should end it here before I make even less sense.


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